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NMR Spectroscopy Applications in Food Analysis

On-Demand Webinar

Apostolos Spyros (University of Crete)

This on-demand webinar lecture by Apostolos Spyros will provide an overview of the different applications of liquid and solid state NMR in food analysis. You will learn about the broad array of analytical problems that can be tackled with NMR spectroscopy, including food authenticity, quality control and adulteration.

Structural NMR Techniques: Contribution to the Drug Discovery & Development

On-Demand Webinar

Carla Marchioro (Research for Rent, R4R, Italy)

Structural Techniques are playing a vital role in all the steps of a drug candidate discovery and development increasing structural and functional knowledge. Impact range from drug screening, identification and structure characterization, structure based design, impacts also on in vitro and ex vivo studies on biological fluid and tissues, and on in vivo studies on organs or animals. Some examples of application of different structural techniques with cases from the target validation, to the identification of "drug-like" compounds, understanding of in vivo aspects, and contribution to the full development phase will be presented.

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