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Data Integrity Compliance: An Innovative Solution for Molecular Spectroscopy

Application Note


A recent topic related to analytical data is the lack of data integrity due to data modification and replacement. Regulatory authorities for analytical instruments are not only interested in chromatography systems, such as liquid chromatographs (LC) and gas chromatographs (GC), but are also turning their interest to spectroscopy systems, such as UV and IR systems. Consequently, many analytical laboratories are urgently considering how to ensure data integrity for spectroscopy systems. This report describes an innovative solution for ensuring data integrity for such spectroscopy systems.

Classification Analysis of Spectral Data Using Chemometrics

On-Demand Webinar

Frederick Long (Spectroscopic Solutions)

There are numerous methods for classification and identification of spectral data. This on-demand presentation by Frederick Long will help you to decide what technique to use for the problem at hand by offering several chemometric or statistical approaches.

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