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Not the AA Lamp Again! Troubleshooting HC Lamp Issues and Other Tips for Atomic Absorption


Eric Vanclay (Agilent Technologies, Melbourne, Australia)

Learn how to prevent, identify and troubleshoot common Hollow Cathode (HC) lamp issues and learn valuable troubleshooting tips for atomic absorption that take the pain out of everyday operation.

New Ionization Module for JEOL's AccuTOF-DART Mass Spectrometer

Product Application


JEOL has introduced a new module for the AccuTOF-DART Mass Spectrometer that makes it possible to spot a sample on a disposable paper triangle for analysis by ambient ionization. The FilterSpray module is an optional and simple alternative to electrospray ionization that eliminates the need for a special pump or plumbing, spray needle, desolvating gas, or precise alignment. It can be easily mounted onto the linear rail of the AccuTOF-DART, to permit analysis on the sample platform. Samples and solvent are deposited onto paper triangles cut from a porous substrate such as filter paper or chromatography paper.

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