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A fast and easy method for purity analysis of coconut oil

Application Note


Advion has produced an application note demonstrating how pure coconut oil is tested against a sample of coconut oil adulterated with canola oil for comparative data analysis offering a fast and easy method for purity analysis. The method uses the expressionL compact mass spectrometer (CMS) coupled with the Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP®) to determine and detect adulterants in coconut oils.

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Application Notes


Spectroscopy Solutions, in collaboration with Shimadzu, is pleased to present a series of application notes demonstrating recent advances in the analysis of 1) toxic elements in supplements as per USP2232, 2) heavy metals in pet food, 3) minerals and harmful elements in formula milk powder, 4) river water, 5) tap & mineral water, 6) arsenic and lead in dietary supplements.

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